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The Studio

AP Radio & Recording is a collection of vintage recording gear that was top of the line back in the heyday of analog recording. 


The Gear

Control Room

Soundtracs ME Series 24x8x2

Tascam MSR-16 1/2" Multitrack reel to Reel Deck

Behringer UMC-1820 Digital Interface

DBX 266XS Compressor/Limiter/Gate

DBX 166 XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Lexicon MPX 100 Multi-effect Processor

2 Alesis MidiVerb4 Multi-Effect Processor

BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer

Digitech DSP 128+ Multi-Effects Processor

Behringer Virtualizer 3D

Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-Effects Processor

Roland SRV-2000 Multi-Effects Processor


Shure Sm 58's

Nady Drum Mic Kit

Rode NT1

AKG P420

AT 2020

Shure SMB-7

EV RE320


Tama Imperialstar 5 piece Drum set

Fender P Bass


Fender Blues Deluxe

Fender Vibro King

Fender 1983 Studio Lead

Fender Bassman 100

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