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A&P Old Control Room

The Guys Behind The A & P

The AP in AP Radio was not meant for Austin and Paul that was just a happy coincidence. Paul (In background) is a degreed engineer/producer having receive the first ever degree from Full Sail University in 1986. Not wanting to do jingles which at that time was really all that was done in Chicago and Indianapolis, Paul moved to Los Angles after a successful stint at TRC Recording in Indianapolis. 

Paul spent nearly a decade freelancing at many of the major studios in the mid to late 80's but by 1993 disillusionment, burn out, the dawn of the digital era and just a general sense of loss drove Paul out of music and Los Angeles. 

Fast Forward Thanksgiving 28 years later, 2018. Paul had been discussing starting an Internet radio station with a fellow music professional, DJ, MC but after a year of non-starts on a whim Paul created AP Radio (AP meant Access Point). A week later on even more of a whim he searched Tascam MSR-16 on eBay and Reverb, found that he could buy one and the rest is history.

AP Radio & Recording is straight out of Paul's head from his time in Los Angles where the bulk of his first engineer and producing skills were honed at Paramount Recording owned 16 track room called The Annex. There, Paul worked with dozens of Los Angeles artists from Rap to Rock, Country to Gospel. It was during that time Paul developed his keen sense of sound, placement and blend that he brings to every recording today.

Having been on the ground when the first Macintosh Computer was installed in Control Room A at Paramount, with the first Pro Tools, Paul knew that the direction engineering was going wasn't for him. With that in mind, when Paul starting building this recording studio, he came with the goal of recreating a classic 80's analog multitrack recording studio equipped with vintage outboard gear all with the desire to bring back the warm, depth and noise of analog that today's music lacks

AP Radio isn't for everyone. It is for the artists that want to experience recording the way it was done when some of the biggest legendary hits were made before digital took over. 

To accommodate todays digital requirements and to afford space for podcast and video creation, AP Radio does have an array of today's digital hardware and a DAW to bring anything into "The Box"

AP Radio & Recording is merging the best of the past with the benefits of today's technology to offer a variety of options and hybrid recording experiences for any and all genres. It is just about making music.

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